Hawke and Redapt Belgium move to Hemmink

Levelex toepassing explosiegevaarlijke omgevingen

In July last year, Hawke’s high-quality explosion-proof cable glands and Redapt’s explosion-proof adapters and reducers have been officially added to Hemmink’s business unit Industrial Cable Management. These brands were previously available through our sister company KWx in Oud-Beijerland.

As from 1 March 2021 the activities of KWx in Belgium are also moved to Hemmink in Zwolle. Dutch and Belgium customers can therefore contact Hemmink for questions and advice about the Hawke and Redapt brands.

Hemmink and Industrial Cable Management

Hemmink has long been a reliable partner for machine builders, installers and engineers working in industry. Why this change?

  • In this way we can offer you a more extensive and more specialized package of explosion-proof products, clustered within Industrial Cable Management.
  • All specific knowledge about explosion safety, ATEX guidelines and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), is now combined. By bundling all knowledge in Zwolle, we can provide you as a customer even better with suitable solutions in the field of explosion safety.

What does this mean for me?

You can contact Hemmink in Zwolle for all your questions, advice or orders about the explosion-proof products of Hawke or Redapt. Article numbers on our product portal remain unchanged. Please use the following e-mail addresses so that we can quickly answer your question and/or process your order:

KWx remains active in the field of Test and Measurement Instruments, MeterCare and Power Electronics. Only Hawke and Redapt products are added to Hemmink’s Industrial Cable Management business unit.

More information

Do you want to know more or do you have any questions about the relocation of these brands? Contact us: tel. +31 (0)38-4698200 or info@hemmink.nl

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