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Hanzestrohm is a group of companies that offers specialist products and services from a technical brand portfolio. The Hanzestrohm companies have in-depth know-how in the fields of building solutions, industrial solutions, energy solutions and infrastructure solutions. We aim to be a powerhouse of smart solutions, always looking for new partnerships and opportunities to innovate and improve.

We proudly work together with our wide network of partners to distribute products and solutions throughout the Dutch construction market.

As an independent family business founded in 1951, Hanzestrohm, with approximately 140 employees, serves customers from Zwolle (head office), Alphen aan den Rijn, and Zwijndrecht.

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We aim to be your gateway to the built environment in The Netherlands. At Hanzestrohm we harness a unique position in the Dutch construction market.


Our platform gives your innovations, products and ideas room to grow and flourish. Working with Hanzestrohm can give you access to the sales possibilities of electrical engineering wholesalers nationwide.


We are your knowledgeable partner with a firm grasp of sales and marketing in the Dutch construction market and a proven success rate with our companies.

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  • Electrical solutions and concepts for residential and commercial construction and industry
  • Distinctive through personal attention, knowledge about markets, applications and regulations
  • Provides training, events and toolbox sessions to partners and customers
  • Your guide to a true energy transition, optimizing energy flows
  • Smart connected energy solutions tailored to small businesses
  • Focused on safety and sustainability
  • Investing business developers
  • Technical solutions for a connected and responsible world
  • Actively involved shareholder with a long-term focus
Investerende business developers
  • Specialist in the field of calibration and repair of electrotechnical measuring instruments
  • RvA-accredited calibration and repair laboratory
  • Workshops and in-company training
KWx Metercare

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