Hanzestrohm launches new operating company: Fortona

Following the teaser of our new operating company in December, we made a promise: the announcement of its name! On the last day of this quarter, we deliver on this promise. Fortona, the new Hanzestrohm operating company, will support innovative SMEs and home owners in their path to control of and grip on the consumption, storage and management of energy, thereby contributing to the energy transition.

Knowledge partner in the electrification of the Netherlands

The market for solutions in the field of sustainability, energy management, electric driving, energy saving and energy storage is developing at a rapid pace. With the many possibilities on offer, it is essential to be well informed about the installations and technologies of today, but also about the developments in the future.

Applying knowledge about upcoming technology now ensures that you can take advantage of the possibilities of the future.

Parsa Tashacori, Business Development Manager at Hanzestrohm

Parsa Tashacori, Business Development Manager at Hanzestrohm, points out the importance of being aware of new technologies. “Look at the market for EV chargers. Right now about 90% of companies are installing AC/AC chargers for electric vehicles. This seems like a good step, but in fact you will need a new one in a few years. In the near future it will be possible to use the electric car as a battery. A DC charging connection is then required for this. In addition, this also offers a faster, more efficient way of charging. Applying knowledge about upcoming technology now ensures that you can take advantage of the possibilities of the future.”

Challenges of today, solutions of tomorrow

As your partner in the energy transition, Fortona provides you with in-depth knowledge and know-how on topics such as direct current (DC), bi-directional charging, microgrids, energy storage and Energy Management Systems. Fortona, whose name is derived from the Greek ‘fortono’ which means ‘to load’, will provide the market with information and insight on current topics in the field of energy management and use. Through guest lectures at schools, fascinating blogs, educational webinars and workshops, we share our knowledge to develop a sustainable future together.

In the course of Q2 2022 we will launch the Fortona website where we will provide you with new blogs, interesting news items and the development of our own products and services on a regular basis.