Hemmink Group looks to the future as Hanzestrohm


Hemmink Group looks to the future as Hanzestrohm 

Hemmink has been based in Zwolle as a family business since 1951 and over the years has grown to become a group of several enterprises. The name Hemmink has not changed in all these years. With the introduction of an umbrella name for the group – Hanzestrohm – we are showing that the group is broader than just Hemmink and we are reinforcing the mutual relationship between the companies. Due to the developments described, our aim as Hanzestrohm is to be able to respond even better to the wishes of our customers and to be an even better partner for you in the Dutch market.

What does Hanzestrohm stand for?

On the one hand, the name Hanzestrohm is a reference to our commercial spirit and our ties to the Zwolle region. In the Middle Ages, the “Hanze” or “Hanseatic League” was an international commercial association of Northern European traders and towns, of which Zwolle was a member.

On the other hand, the second part of the name – strohm – symbolises connection, renewal and growth. Ohm is also a nod to electrical engineering. In physics, Ohm’s Law establishes a relationship between voltage, resistance and current.

The enterprises

Hanzestrohm consists of the companies Hemmink, KWx and Kairos. These company names are not changing. The group’s core activity is the provision of electrical engineering solutions in construction, industry and infrastructure. Hanzestrohm now has 140 employees at sites in Zwolle, Alphen aan den Rijn, Oud-Beijerland and Vorden in the Netherlands as well as Kontich in Belgium.

What we believe in

Our aim is to add value economically, socially and ecologically. We achieve this together with our 140 employees, of whom we are extremely proud. This pride is reflected by the fact that since September 2017 we can call ourselves Best Employer in the Netherlands 2017-2018 and 2019-2020 – the badge of quality from Effectory and Intermediair. In addition, sustainable employability, vitality and the development of our employees are key priorities.

Your knowledge partner

On their new websites, the companies pay a lot of attention to sharing knowledge through a thematic approach. Numerous articles, blogs and reference cases are available on various themes such as pluggable electrical installations (Hemmink), fire safety (Hemmink), measuring PV installations (KWx) and energy registration (KWx). In addition, various physical and digital meetings are regularly organized to further discuss and deepen specific topics together with participants.

Check out our new website!

We cordially invite you to check out the new website and explore the themes. Are you missing certain themes? Do you have additional questions? Please indicate this via the orange feedback button that you will find on the right of each page or email us: info@hemmink.nl | info@kwx.nl. We would like to get in touch with you!

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