Access to the Dutch construction market

At Hanzestrohm we combine over 70 years of in-depth knowledge of building solutions, industrial solutions, energy solutions and infrastructure solutions with our strong in-house marketing and sales divisions, a modern distribution center and a wide network of (electrical) wholesalers, resellers and distributors to create a platform for success in the Dutch construction market for the brands and manufacturers we partner with.

What we can provide

Keys to success

in the Dutch construction market

Resultaat met Hanzestrohm

Market access As a preferred partner of electrical wholesalers and specialized sales partners in The Netherlands we provide a wide sales network to distribute your solutions to

Persoonlijk ontwikkelen als werknemer bij Hanzestrohm

Marketing and product data support In-house marketing and product data specialists with vast knowledge of the Dutch market to get your products where they can be effectively brought to market

Klant zijn bij Hanzestrohm

Sales support Our own team of sales support specialists and account managers to service your Dutch customers

Vertrouwen in Hanzestrohm

An outstanding reputation With over 70 years of reliable and successful partnerships with manufacturers and sales partners

Pioneer in sustainability We work towards a sustainable chain of commerce, reducing our carbon footprint, by working together on green solutions throughout the supply chain

We pride ourselves on catering to the specific needs of our partners. Perhaps you only need access to wholesale channels in the Dutch electrical and construction market. Or you might choose to make use of our in-house marketing department to launch campaigns to generate additional buzz around your products. Are your solutions in need of a local knowledge partner to help future customers in their native tongue? With our extensive sales and data department we can provide support for your new Dutch customers.

Efficient and modern distribution centre

Did you know…

  • Our distribution centre has been certified BREEAM-in-Use Excellent
  • The roof of our distribution centre holds roughly 1,100 solar panels, generating up to 520,000 kWh yearly

Hanzestrohm can provide you with as many or as few tools you need to succeed in the electrical and construction market. You can find some of our partners below.

Always improving

Res, non verba

The latin motto of the Hanzestrohm group, meaning “deeds, not words”, expressing the need for taking action instead of only talking.

Ever since G.J. Hemmink Senior started G.J. Hemmink Elektro Agenturen in 1951 we work in service of our customers. From installers to electrical wholesalers, housing associations and building companies large and small, we speak their language. We’re in touch with a wide range of prospects, from builders at a project site to decision makers at boards of directors.

Our account managers regularly visit partners, customers and potential clients. Not only to stay in touch or to sell, but to also assess their real needs.

To stay updated and connected we host customer panels, knowledge events and innovation workshops. Together we grow and improve. Can we do the same for you?

Find your match

We’re always looking for new products, solutions and services to bring to the Dutch construction market. Our extensive sales network gives your ideas room to grow and find their way to electrical wholesalers, construction companies, installers and businesses throughout The Netherlands.

We can give the introduction of your products a kickstart for a successful launch in the Dutch market.

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Your products or solutions have a unique proposition in the market

You’re looking for a skilled and specialized partner to enter or expand in the Dutch market

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Curious to find out if Hanzestrohm and its subsidiaries Hemmink, Fortona or KWx Metercare could provide you the rights tools to launch your products in the Dutch market? Fill out the form on this page with your business and contact details and our business development team will reach out to your for an introductory call.

Let’s grow and develop the Dutch electrical and construction market together!

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