The concept of quick ATEX connections


Hawke Ex connectors provide an alternative to hardwiring methods for connecting power- or signal cabling where quick plug and play connection, disconnection or mobility is required.  These connectors always consist of a plug and receptacle part for cable to cable connection. For direct connection of receptacle to a device, a so called bulkhead is available for the connector types InstrumEx and ControlEx.

Ex connectors are used in gas and dust explosive environments as well as in harsh and hostile non-explosive applications.

Typical applications are safe and rapid service, repair and replacement of various equipment. In addition, these connectors enable quick connection of temporary or permanent devices.

Why use Hawke connectors instead of conventional connecting methods?

  • Significant time reduction when installing cables and equipment
  • Downtime reduction when replacing, maintaining or calibrating equipment
  • Fault reduction, since connectors are pre-wired and pre-tested
  • TCO (total cost of ownership) reduction

Hawke provides 3 main connector types, configured to their application:

InstrumEx is a compact and robust Exde connector for up to 9 x 2.5 mm2 contacts and allows for a maximum of 250V, 10A. The design allows live connection and de-connection of the low power signal in hazardous areas to be proceed safely and quickly. It includes an integral cable gland for quick and cost efficient cable connection.

The ControlEx, suitable for control and low/medium power applications, is Hawke’s most versatile Exde connector. The ControlEx has a wide range of insert configurations and can hold up to 60 contacts. It will accept conductor sizes ranging between 0,5mm2 and 35mm2 and operates up to 125A and 750V.

The PowerEx range of Exde connectors have been designed specifically for the requirements of higher power applications. Inserts are available with 1 to 4 contacts with a conductor range of between 50mm2 and 630mm2, operating up to 780A and 750V. Other voltages are available upon request.

Should you require more information about Hawke’s range of Ex connectors, please contact KWx. We are happy to advice you on choosing the right solution.

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