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Calibration of testing and measuring devices: NEN-EN 60204 and NEN-EN 61439 

Machine and control panel manufactures design, assemble and renovate industrial machines and composite installations for a variety of sectors and production processes. When a machine or installation is handed over, the manufacturer must demonstrate that the electrical equipment complies with the applicable standards and safety requirements. It goes without saying that the machine, switch cabinet or electrical installation must not pose a hazard to people or production processes or business operations. Inspection and certification are therefore essential parts of the quality process. 

The electrical safety tests of these products are largely performed with machine or control panel testing equipment. If the testing equipment shows any defects or malfunctions, this will result in incorrect measurement results and in incorrectly approved or rejected installations. In the worst-case scenario, injury or fire could result from short circuits or an overload. Routine calibration of testing and measuring equipment is therefore essential for machine and control panel manufacturers to ensure the quality of their inspection and handover processes. 

Accuracy and traceability: the inspection report as your business card  

Proper maintenance and periodic calibration of your measuring devices will not only prevent costs of failure due to incorrectly approved or rejected measurements: with a calibrated and well-maintained measuring device you can also avoid the need to retake measurements, enter into lengthy discussions or get caught up in warranty issues with customers.  

Our calibration and repair laboratory is brand-agnostic and is accredited by the Dutch national accreditation body RvA according to the EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard, providing you with the assurance that all the measurements you take are accurate and traceable. Our calibration methods comply with the global standard – an absolute requirement for inspection companies. As an inspector, you expect reports to contain correct measurements, so you can provide the right advice to customers.  

An overview of our RvA scope can be found in this appendix of the accreditation statement.

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