Resistors for filter and brake applications

High power resistors for DC power grids

High power resistors

Particularly in marine applications, drive systems and their accompanied brake resistors must be fit to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Salt air, high humidity and strong vibration determine the type of resistor that can be used.

These robust resistors can be supplied in different versions: water- or air-cooled, open or sealed housing (up to IP66), in different materials, connectors and with or without a thermal switch.

Danotherm has developed thermal models and thermal simulations to find the optimal size for the application.

Depending on the model, power resistances up to 1.5 Megawatts and pulse load capacity up to 380 times the rated power are possible.

Power resistors you can rely on!

  • High power resistors for filter and brake applications
  • Natural air-/forced air-cooled and liquid-cooled
  • Suited for harsh environmental conditions
  • Stainless steel tube elements
  • High IP ratings

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Applying high power resistors in your maritime DC power systems?

In recent years, particularly in marine applications, Certificates of Conformity or Authenticity are often required by the end-user. Danotherm is accustomed to such demands and can provide documents on the origin of materials and the conformity of processes e.g. for steel and welding. Other possibilities include FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) with the customer and/or an accrediting company such as Lloyd’s, DSV, or RINA.

In close cooperation with KWx, Danotherm’s resistor division is dedicated to designing and producing advanced, optimized resistors and welcoming new design challenges that drive our customers’ success.

Danotherm’s range of high power resistors is highly recommended for marine applications. Our experienced consultants are happy to advise you on choosing the right product for your onboard power systems. KWx makes sure you will always meet your special electrical and mechanical specifications!

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