At KWx, we are convinced that we need to constantly improve and strengthen our sustainability strategy. However, we cannot do this alone. That’s why we involve our stakeholders and experts in the search for sustainable solutions.

For us, sustainability is a comprehensive concept that requires an integral approach. The important pillars that uphold our ambition are: 

  • Minimising our impact on the environment; 
  • Cooperation in the chain with an eye for people and the environment; 
  • Sustainable employability, vitality and development of our employees; and
  • Attention for the society around us.

At KWx, we are working with partners to lead the energy transition. We do this, for example, with innovations that contribute to making shipping more sustainable. We also play a role in the development of the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, and we offer unique measuring equipment for testing solar panels, connectors and cabling so they can be used safely.  In 2020, we will draw up a long-term sustainability plan for Hanzestrohm and its operating companies across the group to give further direction and shape to our ambition.

Take a look at our sustainable solutions: