Constantly looking for companies to which we can add value.

New investments

Technische oplossingen voor een verbonden wereld

Investment profile

We are constantly looking for companies to which we can add value. We primarily focus on companies with the following profile:


Technical solutions for a connected world
The world in which we live and work is increasingly connected. A world in which smart devices are coordinated and communicate with each other to make it easier for us to perform daily tasks. In this connected world, we focus on a number of technology domains: RF Sensoring, Immersive technology and Machine Learning.

Technical solutions for a responsible world
A responsible world revolves around sustainable development, where we can meet the needs of the present without compromising the quality of life of future generations. In light of the energy transition, we focus specifically on batteries and alternatives to store or use energy, energy monitoring and AC-DC networks.

Development phase

  • At least a working prototype can be demonstrated in a relevant environment
  • The competencies are available for product technological development
  • A business plan and financing plan are available

Products and services

  • Own products and services with a distinctive proposition
  • Future proof business model
  • Very appealing solutions with a technological character
  • Freedom to operate with regard to intellectual property

Size and capital requirement

  • Medium and small enterprises (incl. start-ups)
  • Initial investment between € 200,000 and € 1 million
  • High degree of scalability and growth potential


  • Private companies in which we are the only external shareholder
  • At least a strong minority stake

Investing is about more than capital. Find out more about the way we work.

Investment process

1. Proposal

We would like to receive an investment memo or business plan a as introduction to your proposal. However, don’t let a lack of it stop you from approaching us. We also see a good conversation as an excellent starting point.

2. Process

For us, investing is much more than just bringing in capital. It is about future-proof entrepreneurship, reciprocity and partnership. That is why we attach great importance to personal acquaintance and good conversations. We really look at whether we as an investor are a good fit for the entrepreneur(s) and the company.

When assessing potential investments, we focus on, among other things:

  • The company’s growth potential, strategy and track record;
  • ability for future-proof value creation;
  • the ambitions and capabilities of management;
  • spending and use of the investment by Kairos;
  • our role and added value as a new shareholder.

Shareholding and exit

Kairos will initially invest a minimum of € 200,000 and a maximum of € 1 million in one company. This will often be a minority interest. Because growth investments only take effect after some time, the average duration of an investment can easily extend to over five years. An exit is not a must for us. We love it when companies develop into established companies within Hanzestrohm. Kairos does not invest in real estate, financial institutions or companies with an increased reputation risk.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of Kairos? Feel free to contact us.

For new investments, we prefer to receive a business plan or information memorandum from the company prior to an initial meeting.