Kairos in Greek mythology is the personification of opportunity, the right moment to get something done. The opportunity comes at a specific critical moment, you have to take advantage of that moment because afterwards there is no way to retrieve it.

The Kairotic moment is the right time to say ‘yes’, to cash in on a new insight. This moment also applies to the successful development of and investing in companies: consciously experiencing where the opportunities may present themselves, analyzing rationally and (almost) intuitively using the right moment.

Investing business developers

Kairos was founded in 2016 with the aim of future-proofing the Hanzestrohm group. This requires the realization of strategic growth: developing business activities with new products and services, for new market segments or with innovative technology. We cannot and will not do this alone, but together with innovative companies to which we can add value. We do this by investing in companies with technical solutions for a connected and responsible world. We are an actively involved shareholder with a focus on the long term.