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The energy transition starts with the right knowledge

The energy transition poses challenges for many companies. After all, our use of energy is no longer just about simply plugging in the plug. Peak load, grid congestion, PV installations, batteries, energy management, electric driving, decarbonisation: the energy transition has a major impact and goes beyond a solar panel here or a battery there. To properly handle the energy transition with your company, extensive knowledge of energy flows, the company and its users is necessary. Fortona has the knowledge to be your partner in the energy transition.

Solutions from a custom made energy case

Based on a well-founded energy case, the main challenges of the energy transition can be tackled in a safe and profitable way. The energy transition has a different impact per industry and which steps are most effective differ per company. Customized advice is essential, there is no one size fits all solution. Together with you, we examine the necessary steps to achieve the right balance between the urgency of decarbonisation and a profitable business case.

Urgency We determine the most important goals for your energy transition; decarbonisation, (de)congestion, being self-sufficient, etc.

Analysis Based on data, usage scenarios, security and risks, we investigate the possibilities

A first step With more insight into energy, for example through an Energy Management System, we tackle quick wins

Insights Based on the knowledge gained in practice, we refine the plan for a real transition

Transition The refined plan is executed, after which we can determine the new urgency

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