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Fortona offers energy transition solutions for businesses, industry and housing corporations. Our broad knowledge of the challenges and solutions makes Fortona your knowledge and project partner for all issues related to the energy transition.

It all starts with sharing knowledge. We think along with you in all phases of the project. From devising and developing the energy and business case to the planning service, component selection and (online) commissioning. We have specialists in-house who know what is going on in the market and who can offer solutions for companies and organizations that require a smarter approach to energy with a view to the future.

Every project is different and requires a different approach. We listen to your wishes and provide tailor-made advice in an energy case that fits within the applicable standards, legislation, policy and budget, with an eye for upcoming developments and technologies. In other words, the best solution for now and for the future. Because we have this knowledge in-house, we can switch quickly and are a flexible partner for you.

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