Ultra-stable current transducers (up-to 300ADC) for calibration of EV chargers

Ultra stable current transducers for calibration of EV chargers

Danisense has developed a range of high precision current sensors for cost sensitive applications. The range is based on the well-known fluxgate closed loop compensated technology. In addition the sensor offers a fixed excitation frequency and second harmonic zero flux detection for best in class accuracy and stability.

Features DC200IF sensor:

  • Linearity error maximum 6ppm
  • Offset maximum 40 ppm—equivalent to 1.5mA
  • DC and AC current metering with +/-0.1% absolute accuracy up to 5kHz
  • Footprint of 92,40 x 20,00mm

Download DC200IF datasheet 

All these features makes this sensor perfect for calibration purposes of EV chargers, or battery testing.

For smaller applications there is a programmable 48ADC PCBA sensor in preparation. More details will follow soon.

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