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Unlike previous years, the 2021 edition of the Power Electronics Event took place digitally. Instead of a conferene center, an online platform with enthusiastic speakers and spot-on topics was the meeting place for more than 900 electrical specialists.

However, the primary goal remained unchanged: to inform about the diversity of applications, innovations and knowledge in the field of power electronics.

The FHI and the participants set up a high quality program constisting of 21 presentations. The over 900 participants were also able to exchange their views, experience and knowledge online.

In this way, the Power Electronics Event successfully brings together national and international developers, suppliers, knowledge institutes and system integrators.

Power Electronics Online FHI

Onboard DC power grids

On behalf of KWx Peter van den Berg and Aniket Sarode gave a presentation about the changing maritime industry and the importance of safe and future-proof DC microgrids onboard vessels.

DC grids are an ideal solution to support the increased requirements of the onboard power (and in some cases energy storage) system. Proper protection however remains challenging. Peter and Aniket will present protection possibilities based on the solid-state DC breaker technology. Thanks to the ultra-fast switch-off times (within microseconds) arcing in case of short-circuit situations is prevented.

The following topics will also be presented:

  • Closed bus operation,
  • zone protection,
  • detection of single earth faults.

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Protecting onboard DC power systems with solid-state DC breaker technology

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