Maritime DC and grid measurement solutions at the Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo

Challenged with designing safe and smart DC power systems?

KWx, Astrol and MorEnergy will give you the total Maritime DC Experience!

The Electric and Hybrid Marine World Expo, Amsterdam on June 21, 22, 23 is dedicated solely to showcasing the very latest and next-generation electric and hybrid marine charging and power distribution solutions. KWx, Astrol Electronic AG and MorEnergy show their Maritime DC power and measurement solutions at booth number 1194.

Onboard DC grid measurements DC-MoMe

Ships with primarily AC grids are well established and well-studied. Whereas the electrical behaviour of bigger ships with DC are unknown. DC grids on ships behave very differently to AC grids because of the high number of power converters, more capacitive behaviour, and the lack of zero crossing in load currents.

The DC-MoMe from morEnergy is the only available power quality and grid impedance measurement device for onboard live grid monitoring of ships with a direct current (DC) electrical system.

Prof. Dr. Ing. Thanh Trung Do

Monitorig enables

  • Increased performance

  • Loss reduction

  • Avoiding resonance effects

Power Quality & Health Monitoring

DC ships with a high number of switching converters and constantly changing load conditions should be monitored in real-time at the switching boards and the cabins to ensure safe operations and unnecessary tripping of protective devices.

Grid impedance measurement

Modern AC/DC and DC/DC converters switch a high frequency in the kHz-area and could switch and a grid resonance frequency. The knowledge of resonance points can avoid such switching and prolong lifetime of
electrical components like filters.

Protecting onboard DC Grids

  • Solid-state DC breaker switches
  • Blocking diodes
  • Super capacitors
  • High speed fuses
  • Isolated liquid cooled rectifiers
  • Heatsinks
  • Current sensors
`Maritime DC Solutions

Safe and SMART DC grids for maritime applications, and the important role of power electronics

There is a worldwide focus on lowering and cutting emissions in key and highly polluting industries such as the maritime industry. Electrification is key, but when systems are expected to support power converters capable of integrating alternative sources and storage systems – including wind, solar and H2 power– and battery storage with a range of voltages, frequencies and power levels, the electrical power requirements expand. As a result, challenges in system design and protection appear. In SMART and sustainable power grids, DC is the power distribution system of choice but cannot be safely deployed without the necessary protection.

In this presentation, Peter van den Berg gives an overview of developments, challenges, and initiatives in effectuating sustainable alternatives for fossil fuels and inefficient power generation and the important role of power electronics in transporting, converting, and managing electrical power and protecting SMART DC grids.

There is special attention to the solid-state DC breaker technology. This technology plays a crucial role in protecting onboard DC grids against short circuit currents and power overload, as it switches off within microseconds (μs). Also, it enables more efficient topologies, such as closed bus tie and ring systems.

Conference Program Day 2

Date: June 22

Time 9:50 AM

Speaker: Peter van den Berg

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