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Together with our suppliers, KWx strives to provide the best solution for customers. The recently introduced EA series Ex e terminal boxes are suitable for various applications, including the oil and gas industry, petrochemicals and renewable energy. Its radical sloped face design and cut away sides allow for easier installation and maintenance than ever before. In this FAQ we will tell more about the Easy Access terminal boxes and what makes Hawke International unique.

Q: How did the design for the Easy Access terminal boxes come to existence?
During the design phase of the EA series, Hawke has been focusing on end user productivity. With this in mind, an EA terminal box has been created with a simple installation at the top so that our customers can carry out their projects quickly and efficiently.

Q: What makes Hawke Easy Access terminal boxes unique?
The sloped lid design of the Easy Access terminal boxes ensures unprecedented time-saving during installation and inspections. Through an opening with up to 55% more surface, the EA Series offers more work space than competing terminal boxes with a similar size.

The more accessible the workspace, the easier and faster the installation process!

Q: Does the Hawke EA Series have other benefits?
This new Hawke product has a number of important features. The EA series is easy to exchange with existing enclosures, as all 9 EA series terminal boxes follow the industrial sizes. Another advantage is the increased corrosion resistance.

The sloped lid design not only makes for easier installation, but also ensures that contaminants that cause corrosion do not stay on the housing. This increases the life of the housing, making it a more cost effective solution for end users.

Q: What certification do the Hawke EA terminal boxes have?
The Hawke Easy Access series is globally certified by ATEX, IECEx, EAC and INMETRO for use in Zone 1, 2, 21 and 22.

Q: What is the function of the QR code on the terminal box?
To make the installation even easier, all EA series terminal boxes have a QR code. Installers and inspectors can scan this code to access some useful resources about the EA installation. The QR label is easy to replace without removing the housing door. There are also label accessories available when more than one label is to be mounted.

Q: Can I customize the Hawke EA Series?
KWx has the ability to provide EA Series terminal boxes according to customer specification, with the desired number of clamps and boreholes in the right place. Check out the options for customized terminal boxes, or contact us.

Q: Are parts of the terminal box available separately?
Various EA Series fasteners are available as spare parts. Contact us for the possibilities.

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