How we contribute to safe, future-proof and efficient onboard DC power systems?

Onboard power system with DC breaker switches

Watch our brand new DC breaker switch video’s

We proudly present two new video’s on our YouTube channel. Created to explain the advantages and necessity of our Astrol DC breaker switches when it comes to protecting and supporting future-proof onboard DC power systems.

The story and technology behind the DC breaker switch

This video, created for ship builders and owners, explains the overall working and the technology behind the DC breaker switch.

DC breaker switch: enable safe and smart onboard power systems

A short technical video about the Astrol DC breaker switch

This video goes more into detail of the technical specifications and functionalities of the Astrol DC breaker switch technology.

Solid-state DC breaker switches: the ultra-fast switch-off times (within μs) prevent arcing in case of short-circuit situations.

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