Benefits of the Easy Access enclosures

Easy Access enclosures

The tilted design of the EA terminal boxes provides up to 55% more workspace than with similar terminal boxes. As a result, there is sufficient space to perform the installation efficiently. An overview of these and 10 other features of the Easy Access terminal boxes:

1. Faster installation
The EA Series has cut away sides. As a result, the installer has easy access to the inside of the cabinet and quick installation or modification is allowed.

2. Easier to inspect
The inclined sides make it easy to inspect the internal (electrical) installation.

3. Industrial standard
All 9 EA series terminal boxes follow industrial sizes, in order for existing housings to be replaced easily.

4. Fall resistant lid
The removable lid is fitted with additional retaining pins. This prevents the lid from being dropped from height during disassembly.

5. International Certified
The Ex e terminal boxes are certified for use in Zone 1, 2, 21 and 22 according to ATEX, IECEx, EAC and INMETRO.

6. Corrosion Resistant
Sloped lid and body ensures that contaminants that cause corrosion do not stay on the housing.

7. Excellent seal
Different mounting points of the lid provide even gasket compression for excellent sealing performance.

8. Better accessible
Because the flanges of the EA housing are directed outwards and thus the housing does not have raised edges, the gland locknuts are easily accessible with wrenches or ring keys.

9. Silicone gasket
Excellent sealing performance by a single piece gasket in the lid of the enclosure.

10. Cable glands at the bottom
Cable glands can be mounted on the bottom of the terminal box. In practice, this is considered to be the best solution to prevent contamination of the installation.

11. Gland plate or punching on location
The Easy Access terminal box can be supplied with a 3 millimeter gland plate or sheet steel for punching on location.

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