And we have liftoff…

KWx launches new website

After more than 3600 cups of coffee, dozens of bits and bites and 5 months of work, we are happy to launch the new KWx website today.

Designed for you

We took you as basic thought. Because we want you to find in an efficient way what you are looking for.

The product range of KWx is wide and we do have a lot of knowledge, but not al of this knowledge is relevant for you. That is why we devided the website in 5 different fields of expertise: explosion proof, measurement instruments, power electronics, non-destructive measurement and export. On these experts pages we collect the right brands, the latest news, artikles, courses and events, but also our services and concepts. Wherever you are on our website, you will alwys have the most up to date and relevant information.


Whether your on the way, or at your office, our new website is always responsive for your device. Tablet, mobile or desktop, it doesn’t matter.

Product portal

In our brand new product portal you will find all our products. Every product page contains extensive specifications, trade data, manuals, certificates and useful films. Do you need extra information? By clicking the contact button you can ask any question you want.

And there is more

The upcoming year we will continuously work hard to improve your experience. You can expect:

  • A fully new and automatede calibration portal
  • Online obtaining bids for every product
  • Comparible or better: we offer you a clear overview of even better products when available. And much more..

We are really proud of this result and would like to thank our partners Webton & Proplanet fort heir cooperation. Do you have any questions, remarks or wishes? Let us know through the response functionality underneath.

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